Ai Games Company, recently, companies tried to create a new type of game that used artificial intelligence in the game. This type of games was a new revolution at this time that can show us a new world.

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  • Best gaming companies that use Ai
  • The best games that have artificial intelligence
  • Why are games with ai more attractive?
  • Conclusion

Best gaming companies that use Ai

Gaming business is a field which is incredibly competitive, companies in this industry are constantly creating better and new games which can always be popular on the market.
AI is one of the technologies capable of strongest competition between the gaming companies by introducing the more realistic, dynamic and tailored games that could respond in real-time basis by player’s actions and attitudes.

Some of the best gaming companies that use AI are:

  1. Valve: the Ai Game Company, Valve, which is one of the most successful and famous video game developers has created some of the greatest creations in the world – games like Half-Life, Portal, Counterstrike, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. Valve, as a company, owns and manages Steam, the most comprehensive digital distribution channel for PC games in the industry.
  2. Ubisoft: Ubisoft is a large international gaming company which is the top in terms of the diversity of products and known for their favorite franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s. In terms of AI, forces may be used by Ubisoft to create believable and realistic worlds, characters, and stories for its different games. An instance of what is in Assassin’s Creed is Anvil Next the AI system which creates a data set.
  3. Electronic Arts: Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the oldest and prolific gaming companies in the world that has the script behind its genres from sports, racing, simulation, and action. Through the implementation of AI, EA breathes life to fun-filled games through the incorporation of a range of factors including realism, improved graphics, and sound. Let us take FIFA as an example.

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The best games that have artificial intelligence

AI is no longer for generating games but also an add-on that can improve the gameplay aspect and enhance the player’s experience.
Thanks to AI, games can be more difficult, diverse and enjoyable as AI opponents can be smarter and far more reactive to player’s just in time and their decisions than competitors. They are able to play and adapt to the player’s actions and choices.

Some of the best games that have AI are:

  1. The Last of Us: The Last of Us, which has won several game awards such as Critics’ Choice and Shooter, combines elements of unlike categories – such as action, adventure and survival. Set in a near future world where a fungus that has turned most of the human population equivalent to zombies. The game narrates Joan and Elie’s journey of being two characters.
  2. Detroit: Humanity: La Become Humaini: Detroit: Become Human resumes the cinematic and interactive fiction line with the themes of artificial intelligence, robots, and human rights, whose action is set in the near future in which androids are used as slaves, employees, and companions by humans. The plot of the movie tells the stories of three androids, Connor, Kara.
  3. Half-Life: Alyx: Not only, but Half-Life: Alyx is an innovative VR game that serves as a prequel to the iconic Half-Life series in a grim, dystopian world which is invaded a questionable, Kafkaesque alien race called Combine who is enslaving the human race.

the pavers, such as the Combine solders, zombies and the head crab the went follow the player’s movement they can also organized themselves and use different attacking ways against the player.
In games based on AI, the ‘other side’ is the player who faces the player.

Why are games with ai more attractive?

Games with AI are more attractive to players for several reasons, such as: Games with AI are more attractive to players for several reasons, such as:

  1. Challenge: AI games not only challenge the intuition, even create more fresher and satisfying gaming, by introducing such intelligent, adapting to the game and remembering the players and the game enemy allies alike, to modify the difficulty and behavior of opponents the way the team they face feels right.
  2. Immersion: AI-based games can deliver players with an experience that is unprecedently engaging and real. This is achieved by creating and sustaining situations which are dynamic and interactive so, that they get respond to the actions/choices of the player and change the game state/its outcome. It is this way that the players become more interactive and enthusiastic.
  3. Expression: Incorporation of AI in the games can add another layer of expressiveness and emotion to the gameplay, because the AI-generated characters and plot lines allow for interaction with the player and to allow them to feel as if they are a part of the process as they make decisions. It gives life to the game.


AI has the power to revolutionize the gaming experience by its flexibility and adaptability that they provide ultimately allow players to play the role forever as they play because a game would know their clues and actions and if needed could change itself to achieve the same goal.

Another area where AI is crucial is the enhancement of gameplay and player experience, this is due to the fact that AI can provide better opponents, their teammates, and realistic scenarios that react to the decisions and actions of the player.

the game becomes more interactive when they call for AI entities that can talk to players and influence their decisions on the other hand well developed characters, stories, and conversations make the player to be more connected with the game.  if Ai Game Company focus a lot on new game, we will see very powerful games in future.

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